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Rainbow Snappers Tomb Guardians 5E D&D Campaign
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Cass Suwinski Tomb Guardians

Founded in 2018 by long-time Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast Cass Suwinski, Tomb Guardians believes in curating an immersive D&D 5E experience like no other. Through collaboration with many talented individuals, we are proud to offer 150+ unpainted D&D 28mm miniatures alongside 100+ D&D Dungeon 3D printable STL files that all tie in with our latest release "The Curse of the Usurper", a 400+ page D&D 5E adventure/campaign/world full of danger, mystery, and wonder!

Made in the USA and premium-quality guaranteed, our line of unpainted 28mm D&D miniatures, 3D D&D STL files, and our new 5E campaign are all promised to help Dungeons & Dragons players across the world, like yourself, take your adventures to a whole new level!

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Tomb Guardians

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