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"The Homebrew - A D&D Play Podcast are proud to endorse The Curse of the Usurper! A mysterious curse, a floating tavern, fighting ancient abominations at sea... Yes, please... Oh, and that's just level one! Beginning the Tavernsbane Freighter adventure was like reacquainting an old friend. It is classical Dungeons and Dragons with a solid hook, fun NPCs, and beautifully rendered maps and character art. It hits enough tropes to scratch that quintessential fantasy itch, yet has a freshness and polish sure to charm your players"

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History of Shjekhel

Long ago, in the ancient dwarven mines of Shjekhel, a horrid despot came to power.

Driven by a malevolent voice from the dark nihidium stone buried beneath the mines, the Usurper sought to extend his reach far across the realms.

But the Usurper failed in his quest, and a wicked curse befell the dwarves of Shjekhel and all their descendants, their spirits haunting the halls of the now lost kingdom forevermore.

This curse was thought by many to be little more than a rumor, but history is often hard to bury, and its curses more so.

Traverse regions of wonder and magic, seeking to put a stop to the curse spread from the mines of Shjekhel.

Explore the detailed port city of Havdhir: search for clues, engage in animated-tentacle arm wrestling in the Sunken Dream bar, fight opponents in Morvin’s Sorrow Pit, delve into the prison city of Still-Echo, traverse the Wizard’s tower, and much, much more.

Do you dare travel north to the freezing Darklands of Vlaskhell, where the sun does not rise for half the year, and negotiate with the vampires of Mornhaven?

Or perhaps you seek to roam south, through Ardhos, the land of the halflings, and partake of the many wonders and comforts of that land?

Or maybe you’ll hazard a journey even further south… into the untamed wilds where the lost mines of Shjekhel are rumored to reside.

Battle fascinating foes; search for clues and interact with factions in your quest to seek an end to the curse; encounter unique monsters, villains, and magic items as you venture through this rich and complex world, delving at last into the mines of Shjekhel to dethrone the Usurper of old!

In this 400-page tome you will find everything you need to engage your players in a story of mystery, danger, and wonder, with fantastic art, accompanying music, actor voiceover to assist your GM, beautifully rendered maps, new miniatures, and much more to help immerse you and your beloved players in this campaign.